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Happy Customers



Really happy with Jeff’s work. He did an exceptional job with our articles of incorporation and keeping us up to speed with a startups legal requirements. Would absolutely recommend Jeff.
— Satisfied Small Business Client

My business encountered a contract dispute with one of our vendors. I didn’t think twice about hiring Jeff to represent us in court. Jeff was very thorough in preparing us for our day in court. . . I cannot stress this enough, I’ve had much more serious court dates, where the fate and custody of my children lay in the balance, and my family law attorney did not put in this much effort to prepare me for court. It’s great when business owners can resolve contract issues outside of the legal process, but when those efforts fail, I won’t hesitate to hire Jeff Howell Jr. to step up to the plate for me.
— Satisfied client in Virginia Beach

Jeff[‘s] only goal is to deliver the best results to you and your family []or business. Jeff and [his] staff deliver excellent service and i[t] shows in his preparation, to give you the best representation. We all talk or make jokes about lawyers but when its game on, its no joking matter. I give Jeff my highest recommendation as a Human Being and a exceptional [l]awyer. . .[F]or a young man he has more Court experience than [many] of his seniors do and that is a HUGE advantage when you are in need of representation.”
— Satisfied small business client in Norfolk