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Our practice philosophy:  

Parazonium, P.C., DBA The Law Office of Jeff S. Howell, Jr. is a small business oriented law practice based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Our practice was founded on the belief that there was a shortage of quality legal solutions available to small and mid-sized businesses in Hampton Roads.  Our practice philosophy is two fold: we believe in the power of preventative lawyering to avoid costly legal battles through wise preparation before they arise. However, we firmly hold that there is no substitute for zealous trial advocacy in fighting those battles which must be won in a courtroom. We pride ourselves in creating value as an indispensable member of your support team, taking the time necessary to learn your business vision so we can work with you to craft it into a sustainable reality.




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Practice Areas

Corporate counsel

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or the principal of an established operation, the advice of trusted counsel is an essential tool in building and protecting your business vision. We pride ourselves in becoming intimately familiar with the unique objectives of your operation so we can provide advice which is tailored to your needs at all phases of the business life-cycle: formation, crisis, expansion, sale, and beyond.

landlord tenant

Our office has a wide client base including landlords, property managers, and tenants. Serving this diverse array of clients has given us a wealth of experience to draw from in this deceptively complex area of the law. We frequently assist landlords and property managers in protecting their investments by dealing with non-payment of rent and damages to their property.  We also assist tenants in asserting claims to hazardous conditions or inadequate maintenance of the premises. Whatever your landlord-tenant needs, our office stands ready to assist. 

business torts

In Hampton Roads, small businesses are the beating heart of our thriving community. Those courageous enough to risk it all to build a dream fight hard every day to establish their brand and keep an edge over their competitors. Sometimes disputes that begin on the battlefield of business spill over into the courtroom. When it is your life's work on the line, you need an advocate that understands what is at stake. Our practice was founded upon wisdom which can only be passed down through five generations of small-business ownership.  When competitors, employees, and former partners cross the line, we stand ready to fight and win those battles for our clients which can only be settled in court.  

debt collection

Even with all the hard work small businesses do, they sometimes have trouble getting paid. Despite popular belief, obtaining a judgment in court is often just the beginning rather than the end of your struggle to recover unpaid accounts.  We assist all sorts of judgment creditors, including small business and other law practices, in navigating the complex process of both retail and commercial collections. Whether your case is large or small, our office can assist you in getting paid. 

construction litigation

Perhaps you are a builder who stands by his work and will stop at nothing to protect his hard earned reputation? Maybe you are a customer suffering damages from faulty, incomplete, or dishonest workmanship? In either case, you need an attorney who understands construction standing in your corner.  Our Construction Litigation practice benefits from nearly 20 years of exposure to the construction industry. Any attorney can argue the law of your case, but few can do so armed with the practical knowledge that can only be gained on a job site. 

civil litigation 

Much of the law applicable to your life can only be enforced through the prosecution or defense of a civil lawsuit. Whether you are seeking to enforce a private agreement or recover compensation for some injury or loss of property, government and law enforcement often lack the authority to right the wrong. When you choose an attorney for a civil suit, you are choosing a champion to enforce the law on your behalf. Our practice prides itself in providing affordable legal solutions to litigants of all backgrounds; plaintiffs, defendants, businesses, and individuals. We will treat your case as our own and aggressively advocate for the best possible outcome under the law. 


Integritas in Omnibus
— Integrity in all things


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